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Total Recruiting Blueprint

Ignite your Recruiting

Learn the step by step process to become a Master Recruiter

What you'll learn:

  • What is recruiting really is
  • What your role is in recruiting

  • The 4 questions your prospect is asking (and how to answer them)

  • The 1 question that will get you way more “Yes’s” and way less “No’s”

  • How to attract people who are actually willing to do the work

  • The 3 people you must recruit

  • How to identify and recruit the right people

  • Why you’ve struggled with recruiting and how to change it

  • How to unlock the “magic” of recruiting

  • How to recruit when you are brand new

  • How to recruit people who are “higher up” than you even when you have no credibility

  • The 6 steps to professional inviting

  • How to create a “Unique Situation”

  • How to follow up like a pro

  • Exactly how to handle the “what do I do when” situations including being “Ghosted”

  • What to say when you get questions and concerns

  • The 4 legitimate business reasons why everyone should listen to you

  • What to say to feel confident even when you are brand new

  • How to recruit using IG/FB Stories

  • The new rules of stories vs wall

  • The 4 ways to add value on stories

  • How to create a consistent content flow

  • How to create your 6/4 content grid

  • ...and more!!!