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6-Step Recruiting Script:

Get some of the exact language and easy-to-follow action steps used to build several of the largest and fastest-growing teams in the world (with it, you’ll never wonder what to say or do again).

Multiply Your Recruiting This Month:

Approach every conversation with confidence, lock arms with people you love, and transform your business into the empire of your dreams.

Always Feel Authentic:

Worried about being salesy? Feel 100% authentic, 100% of the time with simple prompts you can easily tailor to match your voice.

Handle Objections Like a Pro:

Discover how to flip “no” into “yes” without being aggressive, annoying, or obnoxious.


Hi, I’m Justin Prince,

The world’s top network marketer. My teams and I have generated over $2 billion in sales and I currently lead several of the largest and fastest-growing teams in the world.

More importantly… I help networkers at every level (and with any company) breakthrough in their business, unlock dramatic growth, and achieve financial freedom through my exclusive courses and events.

The ‘Ignite Your Recruiting Cheat Sheet’ (inspired by my renowned Total Recruiting Blueprint) has helped thousands of networkers like you wipe away their recruiting fears and confidently grow their teams. 

Without it, you’ll always be stuck where you are; struggling with recruiting, fearing conversations, and missing golden opportunities to grow your team and your business. 

With it, you’ll confidently strike up conversations, consistently serve more people, and experience a massive recruiting breakthrough.

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